External File folder does not appear when I publish for LMS

Hi there!

I'm trying to hyperlink to some files that I have saved as resources in my player (which is turned off). I'm using SL2, and everytime I publish (for LMS), there is no External File folder.  

Am I missing a step? 

I was able to successfully do it last week, but the way I did it was I first had to add the resource as a link, and then I added it a second time as a file. When I do either option on it's own, it doesn't work. When I publish it this way, 2 new tabs open, but only one has the resource and the other is broken (i'm assuming this is the link). This is the only way I've managed to get the external file folder to appear. 

Please help! 

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Teri Brezner

Hi Ashley,

Thanks for the quick response! I did see that link before and have followed those steps yet the External file folder does not show up in the published file. 

When I say two new tabs open, this is referring to when the learner clicks on the link in the course. It creates two new tabs or windows. One has the PDF document and the other has  an error message. I know this is because I have two instances of the file saved, but this is the only way I've been able to get the External file folder to publish. If I save the PDF from the file location as a resource in the player, there is no external file folder that is published. 

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Teri,

How are you publishing and then testing your published output? Are you testing within the published output as described here? Have you set the link to open in a new browser or window? It may help to take a look at what you've got set up - but since Resources are included in the .story file, you'd have to share it as described here and then I could link on a slide. 

Teri Brezner

Hi Ashley, 

I was publishing for LMS and testing using the articulate temporary links.

I think the issue might be that I'm trying to save the document to resources and THEN I create a hyperlink to the file , using its location in resources as opposed to just pointing it to the file path on my desk top. 

Now I've tried doing the hyperlink approach without using the resources tab and the external file folder appears!  For some reason I thought that it HAD to be saved in the player in order for the resource to stay within the course, but it seems like this is not the case,  am I understanding this correctly now?

Thank you so much for your help!!!

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Teri,

I'm glad you've got things working now, and as a reminder you'll also want to test within the intended environment instead of using the story.html link that's generated as a part of the published output as testing it locally could cause the course to not work as expected. 

The resources are included as a part of the course once you've published if you've included them as a hyperlink on the slide or within the resource section. 

Mary Ann Kowalczyk (Hagemann)

I am having a similar issue.  I have a course that I am publishing to LMS.  One course creates the External_files folder but the other does not.  I added the file in the Resources section for both courses, I am Jumping to url of story_content/external_files/filename.pdf (I am not using spaces), but the external_files folder is created for one file but not the other.  Is there anything I can check to see why this is not working?   I have tried removing the PDF and re-adding it to the Resources section but it is still not working.

Walt Hamilton

Wow! The things you can learn by reading the tutorials. I attach files by an entirely different manner.

I skip the resources tab entirely. I save that for external links like one might find in a library. For files that I create, I just link them directly.  I do the whole jump to file trigger, but instead of typing, I can browse to find it.

This works for me because I browse better than I type, so there are fewer mistakes. (Until you publish, that external_files folder doesn't exist, so you can't browse to it.)

If I need other links to the file, I just copy and paste. I have buttons that link to transcripts from various locations in a file. Copy and paste gives me the same button with the same triggers - best invention ever.

When I publish, SL takes all those linked files and places them in the external_files folder. Saves me steps, but the file doesn't show up in the resources tab. Whatever you need, I guess.

On a related note, I cannot store a published story on OneDrive, as external_files is a reserved word for OneDrive and it won't allow the upload of a folder with that name.  So, at least for the way my institution implements it, I have to zip before i can store a story on OneDrive.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Mai,

Welcome to the Heroes community! When you zipped the published output did you do it from the publish successful window or did you do it on your own after the entire published output folder was create? I'd recommend doing it from the publish successful window and you'll also want to ensure you're working and publishing local project files. Next you mentioned other files had worked fine before - was there anything different about those files and the way in which you published or how they were being accessed. Did you confirm that you published both files for LMS as detailed here? 

You could also look at testing the course in another LMS environment by uploading to SCORM Cloud which is an industry standard for LMS testing. This article will walk you through how to troubleshoot any of your courses in SCORM Cloud and it's an easy, free way to test LMS content. 

Let us know how you get along with those elements and we're also happy to take a look at the original .story file and do some testing on our own.