External Files are not added to SCORM automatically

Hello Articulate Team,

After the last updates I have noticed an interesting thing. External files (I have PDFs) are not added to the SCORM package automatically anymore. They all are in the same folder with the course, but just not added. Sometimes, one-two files are added, others are not.

Hence, I have to add them to the package manually each time.

Am I missing something?

I appreciate your help. 

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Katie Riggio

Greetings, Tatiana!

Thanks for bringing this up. I'm having trouble recreating the experience in Storyline 360 Update 40's published LMS package:

Are you comfortable with creating a short Peek 360 recording of what you see so I can try to recreate it? Also, are you selecting SCORM 1.2 or SCORM 2004?

I'm itching to help find the culprit!

Bryan Braley

I am having the same issue with the external_files folder not being created or populated when I publish to SCORM 1.2.
I was about to create a Peek 360 recording and wondered if the file name might be too long. The original file name was 94 characters and if you include the path and the extension, it was 114 characters.

I renamed the files to have seven characters in the title and relinked and republished the course. The external_files folder and the files are now in the ZIP file.

Is there a path/filename character limit for this feature?