External files disappear when republished

Has anyone else had the problem of external files not being published in an updated project?

Once the project is published, external files are in the sub folder story_content and then a folder under that external_files. If I make changes to the project and then publish the project, the files in the output file are deleted.

I have a workaround where I save external files in another folder and then copy them into the updated project, but that is a pain.

Is this a known Storyline problem or could I be doing something wrong?

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Jeffrey Riley

Thank you for the replies Nancy and Geert.

I am publishing to the C-drive as my normal practice. I don't move files to the network until it is the finished product or as backup.

I am breaking this project down into 10 projects rather than one large one so that could be the issue. I will have to test it by republishing one of the segments that I have completed. I will have to get back to this thread when I have done that.


Chris Manuel

I have a similar issue: I've built a Flash object that is inserted on a slide. The Flash object loads its data from an external XML file. When publishing, the XML file is not copied to the output folder. That's not surprising given that Storyline has no knowledge of the XML file. Is there any way to have the output include the file? Alternately, is there any way to prevent the XML file from being overwritten on each publish cycle?