External files do not appear in zip file

Jun 10, 2016

We are just start to test content in our new LMS.  Our presentations have resources (mainly PDF files.) I attach the PDF files to the player/resources.  When I publish to Scorm 1.2, the resources show and work when I "View Presentation".

When I zip and send the file to our LMS administrator, the "External Files" folder is not included (so no PDF Docs are in the zip file).  The list of resources show the PDF documents, but if gives an error - File not found - when we try and view them.  All work is done on the local drive.F

I have also published to the Web, and had similar problems. 



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Christie Pollick

Hi, Stan -- Thank you for reaching out and for indicating that all work is being done on your local drive, and may I ask, is that where the Resources you are utilizing are located, as well?  I just thought I should confirm, but if you are saying that the resources are not appearing within your published output folder in: story_content folder > external documents, I think it might be best if our Support Engineers were able to investigate for you a bit further. I will go ahead and submit a ticket on your behalf and you should be receiving a confirmation email for your case shortly. 

Walt Hamilton

 Do you zip it from the dialog box in publish? If publishing to Scorm works, then SL is working. If it isn't working at the LMS, then something else is at fault.  I do know that One Drive will not accept a folder named external_files, so it may be something of that nature. I also know that when the package is zipped, the external_files folder sneaks past One Drive, so it may be very difficult to track down.

Good luck.

Christie Pollick

Hi, Stan -- It looks like our Engineer, Karla, posed a similar question within your case:

"Thanks for contacting Articulate Support! 

Are you zipping the files using the dialog box right after publish? Please see screenshot for reference: 


Karla also asked if you could use a special link she provided from within your case via email to upload your file for additional review. Please zip your file with the instructions she provide and I'll be sure to follow along with any additional progress! 

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