External Links -- Online vs Offline

I work with a nonprofit educational group where we are taking PowerPoint Files and converting them to Flash. We had been using iSpring Pro and converting from PPT to Flash that way, but one of the developers decided to use Storyline for a couple of the modules. That developer has since left the project and I've inherited a bit of an issue.

So we upload the Flash files to a website and also publish them on a DVD because some of the schools involved in this project have awful Internet access.

So when I take the Storyline output and put it on our server, everything works great. When I put it on DVD, however, any link to an external file does not work. So there are links embedded in the presentation that open outside websites or PDF files stored in the same directory.

Those all work fine on the website but don't work at all when accessing the presentation from the DVD drive.

Is there a way in Storyline to fix/set up the link this so the link will work locally as well as online?

Any help would be appreciated.

Thank you,


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Brian Carnell

Switching to Publish to CD didn't fix the problem.

The interesting thing is if I go into my C drive and bring up the content there, the link will work correctly (in this case, the link goes to a website that hosts a PDF version of some algebra standards).

When I access it from my optical drive, it doesn't work at all...you can click the link all day and nothing happens.

At first, I thought that was a security setting with Flash, but I double checked my Flash global settings, and my optical drive is set as an always trusted location.

Not sure why it would work if launched from C: but not when launched from E: (my optical drive). And other users report the same thing.