External Links to a Specific Area in Storyline Course

Jan 19, 2015

I have developed a client specific course. This course is made up of individual units (scenes) which in turn is made up of individual pages each of which contains 1 web object link each. This web object link links to other web objects which have been published from other storyline files. The reason this has been done is to allow individual authors to write different elements of the course which will in turn come together at the end into 1 large course or web object assembly.

We have an external software interface that has info buttons that when initiated, we want them to open the course and link to individual areas of the course for knowledge.

Due to the sensitivity of client material I cannot upload the course but I hope my description has done enough to explain the landscape.

Is it possible in this scenario to have an external link from an external area like the other software interface to a particular area in the developed course?

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