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Aug 02, 2012


I have a few pdf's that need to be shown once clicked on a text box.

I've entered a trigger with: "jump to file" and choose the file I need.

but when I publish the project and click the trigger nothing happens.

I've checked in the published folder and I've got a folder called "external files" and all my pdf's are there.

what am I doing wrong? 



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Johanna Stix

Hi Michelle,

I've had the same experience. I think it has something to do with your flash settings (in my case, this helped):

Do a right click on your course when launched. The FLash player context menue should open.

Go to global settings and add the folder of your course on the advanced tab to directories you trust.



Jeanette Brooks

Hey Michelle - when you test your project, are you testing it locally (from your computer's hard drive)? If you've published for web (or LMS or Articulate Online) but are testing the output locally instead of from the location from which you'll host the course, this is likely why you're not seeing the expected behavior. Browser issues & security restrictions will often prevent files from opening if you view the course locally. So, best bet would be to upload your published course to its intended location and test from there. If you don't have a place to upload it just yet and need a place to host it temporarily for testing purposes, you could publish for Web and upload it to Tempshare (it's free). Or another alternative, if you must test the output locally, is to choose CD as your publish option, as this prepares the files for local viewing. 

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