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Justin Grenier

Thanks for the clarifying posts, Michael.

It looks like you're bumping up against Microsoft's "smart quotes" feature.  Here is a quick Screenr to clarify what might be going on.

On a somewhat related note, it looks like Presenter has had some problems with smart quotes, and it also seems that Articulate Online won't accept presentation titles or descriptions that contain smart quotes.

This seems easy enough to work around, but please let us know if you'd like to see a change to this behavior.  Thanks!

Michael Gallagher

Thanks Justin. Unfortunately, this won't help me with the notes I have currently. Pasting into notepad and repasting into StoryLine should have cleared formatting. It didn't. I have to go to each screen and retype the words that have spacing issues in the notes. That seems to be the only fix for me.

Kuriko A

Hi Justin, 

Could you please explain how to do a mass find/replace to change the smart quotes to straight quotes. I haven't been able to work this out. And could you also confirm whether this can be done if your client presents you with the content in PPT format, not Word doc format?

The easiest workaround I have found is to follow the instructions in the Screenr to deactivate smart quotes in Microsoft Word. Then, type a single apostrophe into Word which will appear as a straight quote. Then copy the apostrophe from Word and paste it over each apostrophe that appears in your Storyline notes. 

This will be somewhat quicker than your method of manually retyping the full words, Michael, but I'm aware it's still not ideal. I'll submit a feature request for this too.