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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Kary,

You can export a copy of your audio for backup purposes or to use in another project.

  1. Go to the File tab on the ribbon and select Export.
  2. Browse to the location on your computer where you want to save your exported audio, and give it a File name.
  3. Use the Save as type drop-down to select MP3WAV, or Both WAV and MP3.
  4. Click the Save button to complete the export process. 

You'll need to do this within the Storyline project though, not the published output files. 

Kary Muise

Hi Alicia,
Even as a quick fix, how were you able to do it for individual slides? I
am willing to do that until I get this sorted out.


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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Kary and Alicia,

Were you able to follow the steps in the tutorial linked above? You'll need to access the audio editor to be able to export the file. 

Here are the three ways to access the audio editor:

  • Double-click an audio track in the timeline.
  • Right-click an audio track in the timeline and select Edit Audio.
  • Right-click the audio icon at the lower left corner of your slide and select Audio EditorTip: If your slide has more than one audio clip and you aren't sure which one to select, double-click each audio icon to hear a preview of the audio clip it represents. Then single-click the audio icon to stop the audio preview.

Once you get into the editor, you can see the export option as shown in my previous reply. 

Kary, I also wanted to let you know that responding via email includes your signature here, and you're welcome to edit the post to remove the information if you like, but it's entirely up to you! 

Alicia Boyle

Hi Ashley,

Still no good, I don't see anything other an export option that will only do the current slide. I want to strip out the audio out of 20 slides and make a single audio file all at once.

Kary, I have attached a screen dump for you where you can at least get an individual slide's audio to export. Just make sure you click on the audio line in the time line to highlight it and then your audio tools menu tab appears at the top of your screen, then right click that tab and you will see what is in the attached image.  There is an export audio option there, but only for that one slide.  Hope that helps in the interim.

Any advice much appreciated.

Cheers, Alicia.

Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Alicia,

There isn't an option to export all the audio in the Storyline file, you'd have to do it on a slide by slide basis. I've heard of other users going into the published output files as all the audio files will exist there as well - but they are not labelled in a slide order or any specific way, so you'd have to play each one to know what slide it belonged too and therefore put it in order. 

Jean K.

Hello, this may be an odd request, but does anyone know an easy way to remove all audio from a storyline 2 file?  We have a big 11 module course and we put in a bit of audio but not enough so it just confuses users.  Wonder if there is a way to :

1.   Remove all audio from a storyline file


2. Easily locate audio in certain slides so deleting manually is faster.

Greatly appreciate any advice.


Wendy Farmer

Hi Jean

you could probably access the published output and remove the audio files from there but it depends if your module is set up with triggers that use those media files.  I'd recommend doing it slide by slide and checking that triggers are removed so it doesn't wreck the flow the course.