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Hi everyone

I have published storyline file and am using the html5 link of the published file on my website(not on an LMS, it has been directly uploaded onto my server and we are using the output link) . I was hoping I could have the people who view the file enter their email address on one of the slides in the storyline file and then have their email addresses extracted to an external database eg. google docs or any other accessible source automatically. Can you think of a solution?


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iman m

Hi Matthew

I appreciate your quick reply. Still got a few questions.

1. I didnt quite understand what I should do with the excel file that was said it was a 2018 update.

2. According to the instruction 3 Java codes should be added to the storyline file at three different stages. Should they be added as trigger for the textbox where people are supposed to type in their emails or should it be a trigger for the slide itself?

3. Do I need a button to activate the the data transfer on the slide or is the typed value is automatically without needing to get triggered?

4. The sample file at the top of the page could be very helpful but the download button redirects to a site that requires new login. How can it be downloaded?

Really appreciate your help