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Jeffrey W. Har

Hi Erwin,

As I don't have the context for what you are trying to achieve.

It looks like when the user clicks on 1 of 3 choices they get points and go to differing pages?

I think what you will need is a separate results page for each multiple choice.

The results page will give you variables that you can work with for the triggers.

Here is an image with 2 result slides.


Jeffrey W. Har

Hi Erwin,

I don’t think it’s possible to extract the points without a results page.

You can have results pages that are not part of the main scene so the user cannot see or access them.

 Do you need to track the points to send to an LMS?

If not I would just use triggers to send the user to the correct slide.

Here is an example I created;

When the user clicks SUBMIT

If A is chosen, goto page A

If B is chosen, goto page B

If C is chosen, goto page C

 This example bypasses the correct/incorrect layers on the slide.


Hope this helps you in some way.