Facing issues with audio and video

We are working with one of our customer in delivering a fully responsive mobile based e-learning which need to work on all devices and browsers. We have tried multiple alternatives and we could not get the audios and videos working fine on mobile browsers.

Custom HTML framework - Background VO and Videos would not play as we enter the page on the mobile browsers especially in case of safari.

Captivate  - Issues with Background VO and Videos are not getting played.

Articulate - Background VO is getting played but not the videos. There are issues between portrait and landscape views.

Lectora - Background VO and audios are not playing.

User responsiveness and other things work fine in most of the scenarios. This works fine on SCORM cloud and as well other LMS except Sumtotal LMS. Our client is on Sumtotal 2013 LMS.

Would like to know if anyone has tried this on any of the versions of sumtotal and if they have any inputs or feedback. This seems to be more of a Sumtotal Issue as this works fine on other LMS. Lets me know ff anyone has worked with sumtotal and has identified this as bug.


Sivaji B

Design Engineer


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