Facing problems in Simulation, Try Mode


I am Sushant and I work as a e-learning designer. Currently I am working in simulation for my project in which I am facing some technical  problems which I want to ask .


In Try  Mode,

My project says to 'click right click of the mouse to get drop down menu box' 

I want the users to  do exactly like this. But while running the try mode by default user has to click left button of the mouse to go ahead which I don't want.


If I have to show user to click function keys or some short-cut keys how will I show them.

So I want you to suggest me OR to give some alternate idea for my project.  

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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Sushant and welcome to Heroes! 

I just tested the "right click" element in my own Storyline files and it worked as expected. If they clicked on it with the left side of the mouse, nothing happened. Would you be able to share this section with us so that we could take a look at your file? 

Other keys that you press while screen recording should appear as well, but it's worth noting that some key combinations may not work in the final screen recording as they'll trigger browser actions.