Fade in by first level paragraph - mid-paragraph fade


I've not been able to find anyone else mention this problem as it is on here. Basically, certain bodies of text do not fade in correctly when using the "Fade In By First Level Paragraph". The first paragraph would fade in up to the line break, but then one or two later, it starts breaking the fade up in the wrong places, ie not where the line breaks are.

I've tried experimenting with where the problem lies, for instance deleting the text, adding spaces or extra line breaks, re-typing the text on Word, or re-ordering the text. In the end, the best solution was to start a new text box where the problem started, and time it to start fading by myself.

This body of text was problematic - I'll mark where the fade breaks were with a /~/ .


Fire - This red indicator will flash whenever the panel is in a fire condition. If the sounders are silenced, this will operate continuously. /~/

General Fault - This yellow indicator will flash whenever any fault is present on the system (including system faults and power faults). /~/

System Fault - This yellow indicator will flash when there is a fault associated with the microprocessor or memory components. It is also lit if a microprocessor restarts or the configuration memory changes.

Power Fault - This yellow indicator will be lit when there is a power-related /~/ fault.

Fire Protection Activated - This indicator is used to notify that the signal to /~/ the fire protection equipment is active.

Fire Protection Fault - This indicator is used to notify a fault with the fire /~/ protection equipment.


Note the lack of break after the "System Fault" paragraph.

Further information if anyone wants to try and replicate this for me, the text box is aligned Top Left, with Do Not Autofit text and Wrap Text in Shape. The text box was half of the page width.

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