Fade transition and hidden objects

Mar 02, 2020

Good morning!

I'm having an issue when choosing "fade" transition between slides (which is almost every time). If I have hidden objects in the next slide (set up by "changing the state of X when slide timeline starts"), these hidden objects will be shawn while the transition occurs, and hide when the next slide is alpha 100%. 

I think it could be an Articulate issue, because I couldn't find any button to disable this.



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Lauren Connelly

Hi Luciana!

I'm happy to help. I'm not sure I understand what you're trying to create. Do you have a story file that you could share?

The entrance and exit animations are based on the timeline. There aren't any default triggers attached to animations. You can change the state of objects using triggers.

Have you tried using the trigger, "Change State of Object to Normal when the Timeline Reaches (amount of time)"? This would change the state of the hidden object and still see the fade exit animation when the timeline ends.

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