fading audio on a trigger

Is it possible to fade a looping audio track using a trigger.

This is the situation.  I a 1 minute audio loop playing on a slide.  I expect it will take the learner anywhere from 35-45 seconds to complete the task on the slide.  Is it possible to have a trigger start a fade of the audio as part of the move to next slide process?


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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Ari, 

There isn't a "fade audio" option within Storyline, but I wonder if you could fake it by using a trigger to play a piece of audio that you've adjusted outside of Storyline to sound as if it's fading out? So that trigger would stop playing the current audio and then play the fade audio....this would obviously only work if the audio background is such that no one would notice a change in it such as an instrumental piece...not a person talking. :-)  

Hopefully others in the community have some additional thoughts to share with here. 

Nancy Woinoski

Hi Ari, Alex Anoyatis was playing around with the concept of fading audio dynamically using JS in an example he posted a while back.  If you are handy with JavaScript you may be able to modify what he did to get this to work for you. Here is the thread.