Fail Results Slide flashes before Pass Slide on a Retry

Sometimes I think I bug you all too often.

I have looked at everything and can't figure it out, I figure it is an order or something but can't see it anymore.

Take the quiz and fail, you get the retry quiz button, retake the quiz and pass, the fail slide flashes really quick before you see the pass slide.  I just can't see what I am missing...

File attached.



There are 5 questions.

1. True

2. True

for 3, 4 and 5, click every checkbox on each answer - absolutely everything applies.

If someone can fail then click retry and then pass, and see if you see my problem that would be great, and I apologize up front if it is something I should have known....this is an old course that was done in Storyline 2, and I am just doing some minor updates, so not sure if this was happening to my colleague who is no longer here before hand.

Thanks for your help.

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Richard Watson


I see what you are talking about. All the triggers seem to be configured appropriately. Although I was only able to look at it for a few minutes before I leave for the day, here is something you could do to address it if you need a quick fix. On the Results slide,  add a trigger to hide the Failure layer when they click the Retry button (see image). If someone else doesn't come along shortly who has a little more time to troubleshoot, I'll give it another look tomorrow.


Teresa Vanderpost

HI Richard, thanks for the information, I would love it if we can figure out why it is flashing.  I wonder if I should just try to rebuild it.  But will give it a few days and see if you are anyone else can figure out, if I have selected some little checkbox somewhere that is causing it...:)

Richard Watson


Here is what I found interesting.

  1. Created new results slide - flashing still appeared
  2. Set slides to "reset to initial state" - flashing still appeared
  3. Created new quiz (outside of her .story file) and double-checked all triggers/variables/layer settings - I found nothing different (but I may have missed something) . by the way, the new quiz worked without any flashing.

I did get something that finally worked. I imported the quiz slides into a new .story project file. Deleted the results slide and replaced it with a new one.  Once I did this, it worked.  Next, I imported these quiz slides into the original .story project file and all worked as planned.

In general, the quickest fix would be to just hide the layer. :)


Teresa Vanderpost

Wow thanks Richard, so it sounds like the way you troubleshooted and how it worked in certain instances and not others, that the import from Storyline 2 to 360 there is a bit of a hiccup...

but I think if the hide layer concept works (although we know we shouldn't have to do this)....I will do it for time sake.

thanks for taking the time to help me.