Failed Result showing when 80% score has been met

I'm having an issue with a Storyline 2 showing a failed result when the 80% score has been achieved. I have also come to realize that this was in issue in the original Storyline 1 file before it was converted to 2.

There are 5 questions in the quiz. If a user gets 1 question wrong, the score is 80%, yet the failure layer appears, instead of the success layer.

The course is published as SCROM 1.2 for an LMS, as well as on Articulate Online. The LMS Reporting is set up as Complete/Incomplete. I have the results page set to: Show layer Failure when timeline starts and if results1.score is less than results 1.Passpoints; Show layer Success when the timeline starts and results1.score is greater than or equal to results1.passpoints. I also have a reset results button when the user retries the quiz. The passpoints = 80%.

The reset results works fine, because I have tried the quiz with the incorrect answers and then correct answers, and it always resets.

I have tested this using the SCROM Cloud, as well as doing a preview within Storyline, and the result is always the same. If I get 1 question incorrect, I fail.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated!

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