Failed to import PowerPoint into Storyline 2

Hi all,

I recently installed  Storyline 2 on seven systems. Four of them can import PowerPoint slide into Storyline but unfortunately three of them are not able to.  

First I follow this link, it didn't solve the problem. Then I checked the specifications of these systems and found out those three are having Windows 7, 64 bit. Could it be the reason?

Kindly have a look at the image below and help me to solve this issue. It's very critical to import PowerPoint slides in this project!

Thanks in advance.




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Emily Ruby

Hi Sarah,

I am not sure which link you attached, as it is not working, but you may want to look at the information here. I have a W7 64 bit and can import into SL from PPT (2013) with no issues. You may want to run a repair of Storyline on the machines that are not working properly to see if this helps

Jay Sprout

I've worked on Storyline projects for two companies now. In both cases, as soon as they upgrade to Storyline 2, we can no longer import PowerPoint. I've had IT (only they have permissions) go through the steps provided at Articulate ("Find out why here" and many others) to no avail. We uninstalled and reinstalled Office and Storyline as well. We've just settled into making "use the computer with Storyline 1 to import the slides and email ourselves the story file to open in Storyline 2" as our process.

Jay Sprout

Thanks for the response, Leslie. Yes, we also tried that. This morning, I found a page listing tons of different problems/solutions and, if I had administrative rights on my computer, I'd go through all of them myself. Having to bother IT for the tiniest things, though, makes everything even more inconvenient and time-consuming.

A similar post suggested just copying an pasting everything so I tried that. Even at 51 slides, that's still less of a pain than using two different computers and two different versions.