Failed to import PowerPoint presentation

Failed to import PowerPoint presentation

Running window 7 through parallels desktop 8 from iMac with 10.8.4 OS installed.

I have created a simple single slide(text only) powerpoint presentation in the
windows enviroment, using Powerpoint 2007. I have save both a pptx and a ppt file.

From Articulate Storyline update 3: 1305.2012, Create new project > Import powerpoint.
I get the following error. 

Failed to import PowerPoint presentation!

I have clicked on Find out why here and followed the steps to correct the issue but with no

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Justin Grenier

Good Afternoon Greg, and welcome to Heroes!

Have you taken a look at our tips for running Articulate software in a Mac environment with Parallels?  Every bullet item on this page is super-important to having success with Parallels.

If you've checked out all of that and the problem persists, can you upload your test .ppt and .pptx files for our examination?  Thanks!