Failure: Quizzes from Question Bank Draw using duplicate variable

I have created four quizzes in a course using the "New Draw from Question Bank" function.  Each quiz is followed by a Results slide.  The first Results slide works just fine, but the next three fail.  They are all trying to access the same %Results.ScorePoints% and %Results.PassPoints% variables, essentially the data from Quiz 1.  How can I create and populate correct variables for the last three quizzes (Results_2.ScorePoints and Results_2_PassPoints, etc.).  I know how to access them using the triggers on the Results slide, but I don't know how to create them and populate them with the Quiz results data.

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Wendy Farmer

Hi Kyle

the four result slide variables are system generated by SL when you add in a Results slide - you cannot manually create them.

So each time a result slide is added the new set of four variables should be tagged with a number '1' , '2' etc as you have mentioned above. If that's not happening something is corrupt in your file or your instance of Storyline.

I would recommend opening a new file and importing your slides in except for the result slides and trying to create new results slides in the new file.

You didn't mention which version of Storyline you are using but if that doesn't work you might need to try a repair

Wendy Farmer

Hi Kyle 

glad you got it working but if it's not working consistently that might be an issue once you push it out to users.

Just to confirm, you are working from your local drive and not from an external, usb or network drive as that can sometimes cause erratic behaviour.

Best of luck with your project.

Chad Neumann

I am having a similar issue, but now it is creating two variable with the same name in the variable list. I have one variable titled Results1.ScorePoints and then another with the same name in the variable list. Is there a quick way to fix this or am I going to have to start over?

This has been driving me crazy for hours. I attached a screen shot to show what is appearing. This will not allow me to call the score on another slide and will stop everything else from running.

Chad Neumann


I did get it to work this morning by importing my question banks and intro slides into a new story and then creating a new results slide. I am using version 2 and believe that I may have copied in a field with the variable from another story. That may be what caused the problem, because then I created a new results slide and it didn't overwrite the variable.

Really weird, but I was really happy to find that last night, because then I was able to work through the issue.