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Hi all,

I have searched through this site but can't find any queries around launching web-published courses.  I have followed the instructions, but the only person who can launch the course from the zip file is me (which doesn't help when I try to share it).

I have tried copying the zip file to other locations, but the "story" files only open on my laptop.  html5 gives me a "NEXT" and "PREV" in the top left corner, but that's it.

Any ideas guys?


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Eleanor Ferris


I have followed the steps in the advice but when I share the story.html file nothing happens - we just get a blank screen.

When I have published for LMS it is fine, but for this I need to allow people to access the content via an Intranet page.  I have tried everything that's been suggested, including copying the files to a file share and the intranet doc library, but still I just get a blank screen when clicking on the story.html file.

Any further ideas?

Eleanor Ferris

Thanks Ashley, I have tried publishing to CD - no luck.

The video is a simulation showing how to raise a "help" ticket, and I would like to have it accessible to users next to where they actually raise the ticket.  I also plan to use the video as a lightbox (fab piece of functionality by the way) in the training courses.

I think the problem may be the storage - we don't have a file share as such, we use teamsites and sharepoint.  I tried copying all of the files onto the teamsite, and onto the doc library, and also tried copying the various zip files, all to no avail.

Can you tell me a little about how the "Tempshare" works, as that's the only way the content has been accessible to the team.

Many thanks.