False appearance of gap between objects

Ive noticed that when working with objects i need to rest against each other, when zoomed out, i can see a gap between the objects. However, when i zoom in, (in an attempt to more accurately place them) the gap is not there. 

Using the size and position setting in objects i can exactly place them so that they are next to each other and still see the gap while zoomed out. 

The gap is not there when previewing or published, however, it makes editing and designing a bit of a pain because i never know if the gap is an illusion or an actual gap without zooming in on every object. 

I think it may have something to do with 2 objects touching with an image behind them. The picture below shows the two object while zoomed out and zoomed in.

anyone have any idea how i can get this behavior to stop? 



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Walt Hamilton

It has to do with the discrete size of pixels.

I don't know of any software that is able to display objects perfectly over a wide range of zoom sizes.

The only way to see things as they actually are is at exactly 100%. Any other zoom size has to make accommodations, and that's why things don't look right.

David Jordan

Yeah i understand the concept of pixels, but i guess i had never considered what would happen if two objects were supposed to be next to each other and you zoomed out to a degree that it creates an unusable number of pixels. I think i always assumed it would appropriately round off the partial pixels to make the image fit like its supposed to.