'False Incorrect' feedback on correct answer in Storyline

Hi.  I was wondering if anyone has had a similar experience to the following.

I have created a number of Storyline modules with question based assessments drawn from question pools.

The modules have been running via an LMS for the past 4 weeks with no issues.  But today I am now starting to get feedback from participants saying they are getting false incorrects on the answers to some of their questions. For example, in a true false question they are choosing True, which is the correct answer, but the quiz engine in the module is saying it's wrong.

What's even weirder is that one participant had it marked as incorrect on her first attempt, but on her second attempt it was marked correct, even though she had chosen the exact same answer of  'True' both times.

I have confirmed the correct answer is selected in both the raw .story file as well as in the final rendered product.  I can confirm that what is happening to them is as they say (getting marked wrong when it is right via screen dumps, visual check at their terminal etc) but I cannot replicate the error.

Has anyone encountered this before?

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Peter Anderson

Hey guys,

Really sorry to hear about this. Sounds not only really troublesome for you and the users, but also really unusual. 

Any chance you'd be able to open support tickets and include both a .story file and a link to your published output where you're experiencing this kind of behavior? 

We'd love to get a closer look at what's going on. 


And out of curiosity, which LMS are you both using? Curious to know if they're the same, by any chance...

Matt Blackstock

@Tram Hi Tram! Glad its not just me, I was a bit worried there for a moment

@Peter - Yes I thought it was a bit unusual too, especially when the module had already been completed by a number of individuals over the past 5 weeks with no issues :S

I can get a copy of the .story file to you without any issues, but our LMS in installed on an internal server so I am unable to provide access to it.

I can upload a copy of the published SCORM zip that was used if that assists?  I'll include the name of our LMS in the support ticket.

Tram Vu


Here is my current work-around for when I am getting false incorrects:

  • Make sure all text boxes of each answer choice do not overlap with another
  • Create a quiz question via Insert >>> New Slide >> Graded, etc. rather creating a new slide and then converting it to free-form question

I found that the question that I converted to free-form had red checks instead of the blue checks (if it was a multiple answer quesion), and those were the ones giving me trouble. I had to recreate the question by inserting a quiz slide through this route (Insert >>> New Slide >> Graded, etc.) for it to work properly.

This is just a little band-aid that seem to work for me for now. If there is a more efficient way than re-creating the questions, I'm all ears/eyes! Thanks!!!

- T

Matt Blackstock

Hi All.

Thanks for the hint Tram.  Unfortunately I had created them all via the process you mention (inserting a quiz slide through this route (Insert >>> New Slide >> Graded, etc.).

@Peter I'll get the files uploaded today and let you know when the case number once done.

Thanks for your advice.