False slide name in LMS integration

Bonjour à tous les StoryLiners ! Nous rencontrons un problème avec l'intégration du fichier *.story en scorm vers notre LMS. Ce dernier affiche le nom des diapositives comme indiqué sur la photo ci-jointe alors que nous avons correctement attribué à chacune un nom spécifique. Comment corriger ? Merci de votre aide ! Cordialement Thierry

Hello to all StoryLiners! We have a problem with the integration of the *.story scorm file into our LMS. The latter displays the name of the slides as shown in the attached photo while we have correctly assigned each a specific name. How to correct? Thank you for your help ! Regards Thierry

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Ren Gomez

Hi Thierry,

Thanks for confirming that you publish your course to SCORM 2004. Your question text should be appearing, but have you confirmed with your LMS provider that it allows for question text to be sent?

You may also want to try testing your course in a different environment, such as SCORM Cloud, to see if you get different results. Our support team can also help you test this! All you need to do is share your .story file with us using the link below, and they'll reach out once they're done!

Share your .story file with us. 

Thierry De Clerck

Hello Ren,

We tested our 2004 file with Scorm cloud as you suggested. The result is the same: failure to display questions. While testing another quiz, however, we noticed that the LMS picks up the questions correctly when displaying expected answers. To fully understand what I am trying in vain to explain, I invite you to observe the attached screenshots.

Do you still think that it is a problem related to the LMS or rather related to the configuration of SL360?

We have another problem to submit to you: when viewing the answer to a quiz that we recently developed, we observed that the correct answers no longer appear on the "review" layer of the graded questions! Has there been a recent modification of SL360 or is it a configuration problem?

Thank you for your reply.
Best regards


Maria Costa-Stienstra

Hi, Thierry.

Since you are experiencing the same issue when testing with SCORM Cloud, I would agree with Ren and suggest opening a support case so we can take a deeper look at what's happening with your project. Your file(s) will be deleted once troubleshooting is complete.

As for your second question, the option to show correct answers can be found under the Review Results Button trigger. See below:

Let me know if this works!