Fancy button animation

Hi all

I have a little annoyance that I can't seem to solve.  What I want to do is have a button that when hovered over, has a little box slide out from behind with the full title of the section the button will take you to when clicked, then slide back again when the mouse moves off the button...does that make sense?

So, in the attached file is the what I have at the moment.  The problem is that the Presence box appears at the beginning of the timeline, which I don't want, even though there is a trigger to change the state to hidden when timeline starts.

Secondly, I would like the presence box to slide back into the button when the hover state has ended...

I feel like there is going to be an answer to this that's going to make me smack the back of my own head...

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Simon Ray

Antony Snow said:

Hi Simon,

If you add the 'Presence' box to the 'hover' state of the ADRV 1 button instead of on the actual slide, you can still add the fly in and fly out animations to accomplish the desired effect as per slide 2 of the attached (slide 1 is your original example).


You sir, are a dead-set legend!  This is exactly what I wanted to do!