Fatal Error Message in Pilot with IE8 Users

Hi!  I just did a pilot for my first program.  It is a very important Annual Mandatory Education for 2000 employees.  We did a pilot with 30 employees.  Several people got fatal error messages and had to close program.  They were able to get back in and complete, but obviously we want to avoid this.  Our IT department said it looked like storyline may not be compatible with IE8 which some employees have.  They thought it was a random occurence with some IE8 users.  Does anyone know anything about this or if there is anything I can do? For many reasons, it is not possible to change everyone to newer IE version before we have to implement program in 2 weeks.  Thanks!

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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Kathy,

Were you able to confirm that it only happened with IE8 users? Storyline can be viewed in IE8 as detailed here in the viewing requirements but you may also want to check what flash version they're using. 

Also, are you hosting this in an LMS or a web server? You'll want to make sure that the hosting platform also supports IE8.