Feature Request: Ability to access/modify Standard Quiz Variables

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Feature Request Number: 00381666

Request Details:

It would be great if we could directly access the built in standard quiz variables such as the Results.ScorePercent variable.

This would allow users to "score" any type of interaction (like the successful navigation of a branched path scenario with unique scoring based on the path taken) and capture the result in a results slide that can interface with their lms.

Users would also have control over things like rounding as shown in the related forum url.

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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Takeyoshi!

We want every feature in our software to work well. With that goal in mind, we've decided not to document Articulate Storyline system variables that could be accessed via JavaScript triggers at this time.
Storyline isn't currently designed to expose system variables for user interaction. As a result, JavaScript triggers that reference them could interfere with course playback.

While you can't modify the variables directly, you can  manipulate them by including "ghost questions" and using variables to answer these questions that are never shown to the participant.  In this way, anything that can be used to change a variable CAN be reflected in the learner's assessment results. Make sense? 

What exactly is the scenario that you are trying to solve for?

Jeff Johnson

Hi Owen,

Is it possible to use number variables to answer the ghost questions? I am working on a course with a customer Score variable that I would like to be able to communicate to an LMS at the end. There appear to be a few options for text based variables, but I have not yet found a way to change a variable to a number based variable.

Any insight would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

Jeff Johnson

Thank you - although I am not sure I am following. I am hoping to take the score the user has earned throughout the training (by using a custom variable) and reporting that score out to the LMS (the score could be anywhere from 1- 100). Is there a way to make a ghost question that can modify Results.ScorePercent to reflect my Score variable? Or are you saying make 100 radio buttons on the ghost question? One for each possible score from 1-100? 
Thanks so much! 


Unfortunately, StoryLine won't read multiple quiz question in a single slide so it isn't as "easy" as using 100 radio buttons.

I've modified the way I use the "ghost assessment" idea in recent years to make the slide itself where the interaction takes place its own ghost question.
The steps are pretty easy.

Before building your slide: 

  1. Make the slide where your interaction takes place a T/F question with True being the correct answer.
  2. Drag a big blocking square over everything. This will be your slide background.  You can make it your interaction background too, if you want. In other words, it can be an image or graphic instead of a big empty square. It just needs to cover the question elements.   
  3. Your slide now has 3 things on it: a Button Set, a Text Box, and a Shape.  Group them and LOCK them.  You now essentially have a blank slide.
  4. Be sure feedback is set to "none" unless you want to use the feedback feature to tell the user how they did on any given activity.
  5. Make sure the "submit button" is deselected from your slide.

Build your slide as you normally would.

After building your slide:

  1. Add a trigger to select the "FALSE" button at timeline start.
  2. Add a trigger to the same thing(s) that modify the score. If the user does what he needs to to score a point, trigger the "TRUE" radio button to be selected.
  3. Add a trigger to submit the interaction to whatever also triggers the slide to advance.

Now, all of your slides become both a game interaction AND a score-able activity in the LMS.

Add a Results slide so the score is calculated and sent to the LMS.