Feature Request - Debate

I know this is a contentious issue but thought I would float it anyway.

Considering the number of feature requests received is it possible that the forum users could see the potential list and 'vote' on which features are most important to them, then Articulate could schedule them accordingly into

  1. upcoming releases,
  2. maybe, and
  3. 'dead in the water - never going to happen'.

At least then we would know if the feature is even being considered.


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Brett Rockwood


That's a great idea but using your scale on the likliness of it happening I'd give it a 3. — dead in the water — never going to happen. There are a lot of good reasons not to disclose this information not least of which is competition. Think Apple, who famously never lets on what they're up to till they're nearly ready to drop it on you.


Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Wendy and Brett,

I know this has been an issue discussed recently in other forums, and internally based on those threads. If there is an example you've seen in terms of how this is set up, we'd love to take a look at it and understand what this would look like and how it's being used by other groups or companies. You can share that here or as a part of a feature request so that it's routed to our product development team. 

David Tait

I love the idea too but completely get Brett's point as well.

As Ashley suggests maybe the best way is to use the feature request form but also to discuss what we, the users, want from the software on the forum to at least get a bit of debate going between ourselves.

At least if we have an open discussion about it on the forum then we'll all have an idea of what everyone else considers to be important going forward.

david mckisick

Excellent suggestion Wendy. As far as an example, there are a few that can be found on the web that I have seen before, such as using a sidebar on the webpage or applet housing the vote form. After users vote, that area would then display the most current voting results. Users would only be able to vote if logged into the website with their account, of course.

Brett Rockwood

As David suggests, a sidebar poll or some other kind of voting thing might be an interesting way to do something. I'm trying to imagine how the users would add their items to be voted on but if that can be worked out it sounds like a good idea. Maybe have a submission form like the elearning jobs one where people send in their requests and (each week/month?) the staff go through and post the most common ones to the poll.

Having a poll like this would likely better represent the actual interests of the users than the current feature request as someone may be more likely to actually respond to a request that's already posted than going through the trouble of filling out a proper request. Staff may be able to better see how wide the demand is for something.