Feature Request/Discussion - "Only one on screen"

Hi All, 

I've had an idea for either a feature request, or an easier way of doing things.

Say for example I have a slide with 6 buttons on it numbered 1-6, and 6 text boxes also number 1-6. If I click button 1, I want text box 1 to appear and if I click button 2, text box 2 appears etc.

Now the triggers for those become a bit of a mess as it's a case of set a trigger on button 1 to set text 1 to visible, but also separate triggers to set the state of text 2,3,4,5 & 6 to hidden. Repeating this across all of the buttons becomes quite tedious as you all probably know!

Now the request I have is to link all 6 of those text boxes with some kind of "Only one on screen" option, where if say text box 1's state is set to visible, the other 5 would be set to hidden automatically, but if text box 2's state becomes visible it would set text box 1's state to hidden. 

I hope all this makes sense, and if anyone has any better ideas of a way to do this i'd be interested to know!



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