Feature Request - Format Painter

Quite often, I find myself creating several boxes, adding text, color, resizing them etc.  They are usually labelled with labels of varying sizes etc.  I then would like these boxes, to all be the same size - which is usually the size of the box with the greatest amount of text.  Right now, I have to right-click each box and set size parameters manually.  

Suggest Augmenting Format Painter

You should consider augmenting the Format painter to provide the functionality of copying size parameters from one image/box/diagram etc to another.   Could consider using something like Ctrl + Click Format Painter to accomplish.  This would save a developer LOTS of time and be extremely useful.  

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Steve Chorny


Not exactly what I am looking for. Let me explain. 

Lets say you have 5 boxes.  They all have text labels of varying sizes.   You want to make them look all the same ( size, fill, outline etc).

I would like to be able to take, say the largest box, and easily apply the size (horizontal and vertical) to the other 4 boxes.  Right now, if I select all boxes ( Ctrl + Click)  the size parameters ( hor / vert ) are blank.   What would be very useful is to be apply to Apply the size, of say the largest box, to all boxes, at the same time, without having to manually enter the numbers.   I know it might sound like a small thing but it would same me (and I am sure others) lots of time.

ps:  I have a large art pad, sitting to the right of my mouse, where I write down all kinds of sizes, positions, colors etc etc for most of the items I work with on various screens.   I would prefer not to have to be in a position where I have to manually enter the sizes etc but just be able to copy from one item and click to another.     Does this make sense?