Feature Request - Hor/Vert Position Size Boxes - Change Arrangment

One of the repeated task, I find myself doing, is changing the size and/or position of an item on a screen. Presently,  if you change the Size of an item, the cursor starts on Height. If you press Tab, the cursor moves to Width.  Very logical and simple.

But, this changes with Position.  The cursor starts on Horizontal but when you press Tab, it goes first to From ( to the right side of Horizontal) the you have to press Tab again to move it to Vertical.    It is different from the Size box and, it actually slows you down quite a bit when editing a large amount of boxes (sometimes several times to get the slide to look the way you want it too).


Change the position of Horizontal and Vertical size boxes to be side by side. And then, program the Tab key to go from Horizontal box to Vertical box ( in one step as opposed to two steps as it is now).    This may seem like a minor issue but logically, it makes more sense. And, the workflow is much faster in this arrangement.


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