Feature Request??? Menu dialog just plain sucks.

Mar 14, 2014


I was going to submit a feature request, but I searched for 'feature request' on the Articulate site and it doesn't work. No results. So....I guess my first feature request would be a functioning search feature (this thing has been broken for a loooong time). Moving on...

Now to my ACTUAL feature request, since I couldn't find a form to submit it to:

Storyline is a great tool and I'm using it on a daily basis for the set of courses that my department is tasked with producing. But.....as much as like it, I have found one particular aspect that is extremely cumbersome and counter-productive.

The 'Player' dialog, and in particular the 'Menu' portion of the dialog. Why, oh why, can't we preview the actual slides when editing the menu??? In order to edit a slide's title, I need to see what's on the slide!

As it is, I have to close the dialog, scroll down through 100+ slides, take a mental note of what's on it, then jump back into the Player > Menu dialog and finally edit the title. NOT productive when you're dealing with large courses.

So...my feature request is to please, please, PLEASE include a slide preview (not just a placeholder) so I can edit my menus 1000X faster!!!

Thank you!

Thank you very much!

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Tim Jeter


Thanks for the tip! Yes, I do try and keep track by initially naming everything. But in trying to produce in rapid fashion, I often wind up with duplicated slides that get named after the fact. As well, I regularly have to re-order slides based on feedback /revisions.

Having a preview would alleviate so much frustration when trying to determine what slides are shown/hidden, etc. And in the menu you can create a topic that's simply a (parent) title and not an actual slide; another reason to be able to see what's there.

Thanks for the input.


Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Tim,

Sorry about the searching feature - it's something our team is aware of, and it's hard to figure out as it's inconsistent for a number of users. As Becky mentioned, Google does a pretty good job of finding things and Adrian has a great screenr here about how to ensure you find things on the Articulate site:

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