Feature Request - note edits needed during preview


I browsed a little for this request (not a lot) and didn't see it, so I figured I'd throw it out there. When previewing a Storyline project, I find myself getting frustrated with needing to exit the preview, make an edit, reload the preview and get back to where I was. It would be nice if there was a built in way (similar to the review option for rise) to annotate edits that are needed. You can go through your entire project and note where edits are needed. These edits then show up as an icon on each story frame/segment where you can easily go back in and make all needed edits, then repreview.  This, OR, an option to resume preview after choosing the "edit slide" option from within the preview. Either would be a welcome addition to my workflow. :) Thanks! 


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Sam Hill

Hi Steven, if you are subscribed to Articulate 360 you can publish your course to Review 360 and play through your course whilst taking notes on what edits need to be done. The link can be shared with others so that you have a consolidated list of edits on a per slide basis. Probably not exactly what you were looking for, but may help you out.