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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Paul!

We have had a similar thread in the forums, and this is the latest update as of 01/15.

Hi everyone,

Please be assured that this has bubbled up to the right level here in our product team. We have evaluated this in the past but are investigating the viability of this feature request again with the new information provided in these forums.

I will respond once we have further information to share.

Thanks for your patience,


The 'redundant' requests show us an increased need, which is why we encourage submission of requests.

Paul Miller

Emily - I can understand the need for a majority 'vote' to implement a feature request. Although I don't understand how you manage these requests or how requests are disseminated to the user base. I would bet more users would provide input on new features if there were an easy and quick way to either, enter them, or vote 'yes' or 'no', "I would like this feature to."

We're busy people and often only come to these discussions when we need help.

From a user and management standpoint, I would think you would have some dedicated mechanism for feature requests instead of random threads in a forum.

We chose your software because we think it's the best available for our jobs and we'd like to keep it that way.

Thanks for listening.


Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Paul,

Thanks for sharing your thoughts here and providing some honest feedback. Just to note, we do have a process and place where users can submit feature requests using this form. Those go directly to our product development team for review, tracking, and discussion around including them in future updates/versions, etc. 

Also in regards to the thread Leslie mentioned, you'll see that other users are also looking to see a feature request list where you can vote up/down - and that our head of Product Development is aware of this request as well - so if we have any additional information to share in regards to that we'll likely post in that thread for folks following along. 

s s

Hi, adding my voice.

There is a flow mentioned in the automatic mail received once opening a feature request which mentions the steps taken and that the user will be updated.


i didn't received an update if it will be taken to the next step or the feature request will be declined so i can't update my customers.

s s

Hi Leslie!
you are correct that at the end of the mail it says the users will be contacted if there are questions but please see before that at Step 1: 
"We let you know if there's a way to achieve your goal."

this is what users are eager to get response for, you submit a feature request and expect to get according to the mail, an update, at the initial review if its a yes and i may see it in the future or is it a no and don't hope for it.
if step 1 is not followed it brings users to try and contact the staff as they expect the update.

Leslie McKerchie

Ah, thanks for explaining Benny.

We get many feature requests from customers, some of which never contact us. So, if a customer places a feature request for something that is actually possible, then our team reaches out to share that knowledge with them.

The actual feature request process is internal with our product development team. I apologize if this caused confusion, but I will share your insight with our team.