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Oct 16, 2012

How often are feature requests turned into actual changes in Storyline? Is there a new version of Storyline coming soon with requests added?

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Phil Mayor

They do normally add features, the first Storyline update added a previous button trigger and translation.  I would hope for new features in the next update, but I would also like things such as text editing to be properly fixed.

I would love the next update to have improved animations, better text editing and bug fixes, just being realistic it will only be a point update and most other products do not add new features (although Articulates normally do)

Nancy Woinoski

I think Articulate does a great job of listening to the user-base about feature requests but just because you make a request does not mean it will make it into the product. It would be impossible to add everything and in some cases what one person requests might actually conflict with what somebody else wants. For example, there was some discussion a while back about adding autosave to the application. This became a big discussion and I think we were split about 50-50  on this feature. 

I am not exactly sure how they decide but I would assume some of it has to do with the number of similar requests they get, some of it has to do with how hard it will be to implement and some of it has to do with how it fits in with their overall product vision.

Adam Bayliss

Hi - I'd like to put in a request to allow more effective work with 2 screens - that is being able to position the diffferent elements outside of the main window. Adobe Captivate allows this, and its very effecivive to be able to put the list of timeline objects on a screen (which is often quite long) on a screen of its own instead of just below the main window.

Christine Hendrickson

Hi Adam!

I work with duel and sometimes triple displays as well, I think adding some additional functionality for this would be great.

If you haven't already, you may want to submit your feature request so our development team can take a look. You can submit a feature request by clicking on this link.



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