Features Storyline has that Studio doesn't

Dec 10, 2012

My company is looking at creating a Virtual Learning classroom from the ground-up. And I've been given the huge task of handling the technical aspects of it. Our current in-house training is 25 hours, in one week.

I'm working on breaking it down and streamlining it, because that's too long for an online class, according to everything I've been researching.

My company has already purchased Articulate Studio, including Engage, Quizmaker, and Video Maker (I forget the name of the video-editing software, right off-hand,) but they didn't purchase Storyline.

I've watched a lot of Screenr videos showing all of the features of Storyline, and I would like to try to convice the purchasing committee to also purchase Storyline, because it has many more features that I feel could be very beneficial to me for cuilding this online training, from scratch.

So, my question is; could someone list the features/benefits of purchasing Storyline, compared to just using Studio? It would make my life much easier. :P

Currently, I am working on a laptop that runs on Windows 7, but has MS Office 2003. I'm also trying to get them to upgrade to MS Office 2010, because of all of the additional features in PowerPoint.

Any help you could offer would be greatly appreciated.



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Christine Hendrickson

Hi Adam. Welcome to E-Learning Heroes!

There's a great page on comparing the two products, here. There's also a few threads on the topic. You might want to take a look at this one and this one

Also, you might want to consider using the 30 day free trial for Storyline. I saw a post by another community member that was trying to convince her company to make the switch. She created an example course that showed how quickly she was able to put together an attractive and informative course in Storyline. I really liked this idea and I think something similar might work for you, as well. 

Good luck! Let us know if you have any questions.



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