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Hello folks!

Hope your all having a great holiday season.  I am currently putting a portfolio together and I have been converting an Articulate project into storyline and making some changes.  I have uploaded a single chapter and was hoping for some honest feedback and/or suggestions.  Much appreciated!


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Happy Holidays!

I enjoyed going through it and parts of it work well. With regards to the first part do you have a hook when you first introduce the course. Personally I see telling any information as telling a story. Initially asking 'What is a budget?' comes across as a powerpoint presentation to a group of people. I've done enough presentations to know what you need to get the audience connected somehow and give them a reason for either taking part or doing something.

I have the experience of telling a story in which the listeners were so engaged in listening that they forget the time, and those were adults not kids. The message got across and it worked because they felt connected and really interested in the story which was a carrier for the content.

Here might give some hints: http://theelearningcoach.com/elearning2-0/why-you-need-to-use-storytelling-for-learning/

As you've posted the storyline link, do you also have a link for your storyboard via dropbox?

Remove the Resources player tab and volume control. You have two volume controls and two slide navigation controls in the section 'Major Budger Components' and a clicking sound effect when you hover over the top right next slide and navigation controls. 

I like the glow effects for the 'Types of Budgets Section' but it confuses me using the bottom right slide navigation controls to get back to the screen where I choose 1, 2, 3. Could you have another way of going back to the previous slide?

I'd also be interested to know how you came to choose those particulate colors. That isn't a criticism, just professional interest in your course. Selecting the right color can be essential.  I enjoyed the visuals and trying the Major Budget components slide. My previous comments above only reflect my user experience. Having everything simple and clear makes it easier for me to do something. Otherwise its a distraction when I'm going through something. Others may feel different.

I'm sure that more experienced community users can offer their great insights and suggestions but that's my two cents for now.

I learnt something about budgeting through the module and look forward to a new improved version, if you choose to make one.



Wilson Santiago

Hi Nick.  Thank you for taking time to look at my project and give constructive feedback.  That really helps me out.  This is not a complete project.  I only plan to use this section to add to my portfolio.  It was based on a workbook from my old job I was turning into an Articulate project  just before I was laid off.  The colors came from the workbook colors.  It also would have had a voice-over when completed.  I do not think I will complete the entire workbook, but I did want to use this as an example of what I can do.  Obviously there is always room for improvement and welcome your comments.

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Always happy to help. It's a great idea to use the section as part of your portfolio. I did like the colors but wondered if they were used from a design perspective.

Don't worry about room for improvement. Everyone is learning all the time, the only difference between 'experienced' people is that they have a little more knowledge than you currently. And your knowledge is increasing all the time.

As I said I look forward to experiencing the course again. Ask if you have any questions or you disagree with any of my ideas.

You'll get great feedback from the community here as everyone is here to help.