Feedback and testing please - first Storyline project

This seems like a helpful community - thank you ahead of time for your willingness to assist.  

I've tested my Storyline project on Chrome, IE, and FireFox.  I noticed it froze a few times when using Chrome (it is up to date with version 52.0.2743.116), but only when I speed through the slides.

Here is a web link to the project:

Malaria Storyline Project

Any feedback is good feedback!  If you could, please indicate which browser you are using (and version), especially if you run into problems.

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Ashley Terwilliger

I'm sorry Mike - did you say this was your first project?! Wow! 

Really great graphics, and movement of items and I hate to say it...I"m having fun with Malaria?! ;)

One thought, I saw you had built your own back buttons but also had the built in navigation. I'd go one way or the other...that way users don't get confused or unsure which to use. Since you're not using any other player elements - the custom button would suffice. 

Tom Kuhlmann

No issues for me, either. I viewed the course in Chrome 52 and Firefox 48. 

I agree with the navigation. I'd use one or the other. Also, on the built in, you have the arrow point back which works for the "back" option. But "next" should point the other way. And perhaps the "submit" button should be a non arrow.

Also, noticed that in some places like the tabs interaction, the response text was different size. 

How are the Vikings going to do this year?

Center for Educational Innovation University of Minnesota

Thank you Tom.  I heard similar feedback regarding the look of the "back" button.  This is helpful.  

Regarding navigation, I plan to stick with my own and remove the built-in all together. 

;)  The Vikings have a solid shot to go on the way.