Feedback bug - Storyline 360?

I have a question bank of twenty questions which six are randomly drawn.

All 20 questions show a photograph and a list of options which the learner types the correct one into the box.

The interaction works fine, but ever time I preview the quiz, the incorrect response which shows the correct answer always has the correct answer missing. This happens for the first two questions only and the other four are OK.

Any ideas? Please see screen shot.



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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Nick,

Are you using the text entry answer question and then trying to reference the answer variable on that feedback layer? I don't know what reference you were using, as the answers aren't accessible outside of the question and if you use the build in text entry variable that'll only capture what the user typed in. As Wendy mentioned if you can share your .story file we can take a look at the set up and behavior you are seeing!