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I'm pretty new to storyline and am have problems with the button settings. I want to add a feedback layer to my drag and drop once the user completes the activity. However, when I go to press "submit" it skips to the next slide and does not show the feedback layer. I've tried ever trigger possible and I don't understand why it wont show the feedback layer. It is slide 1.7 titled "Types of Change".

I'm also having trouble with the ending quiz. My result slide keeps showing "Retry Quiz" even when the user passes. I only want the user to advance to the next slide or have the option to review the quiz if they passed the quiz. As of right now my settings are all messed up and I've tried everything to get them to work. Any help would be appreciated!!

Answers for the quiz:

1) The project manager

2) Change can cost Atkins and the client money

3) Understand change and assess impact

4) It often starts with small adjustments

5) None of the above

6) With written authorization....

7) Prior to client approval...

8) COO or CFO

9) A register of project progress

10) Atkins > Resources > PM Resource Center > Project Procedures


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Christie Pollick

Hi, Maia -- Thanks for reaching out! Regarding the first part of your question, I see that you posed a similar question over here and I shared a suggestion to assist in case you would like to take a look. And for additional insights related to the quiz, perhaps others in the community will be able to stop in with suggestions on how to set this up for what you have in mind!