Feedback Entered into Storyline 2 - where does it go?

Nov 25, 2015

Hi all,

I really find the forums so helpful but I cannot seem to find an answer to my query. We are starting to create online tutorials and we want to have feedback from users (part tick the box, part freeform). My colleague set it up within Storyline 2 but we wondered where do we extract the information entered from? We are going to have tutorials on the web within an Information Libguide. Am I right in thinking that you can only get feedback if it's connected to your LMS and if not is Google forms the alternative? Sorry for all the questions but very much a newbie! Thanks


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Christie Pollick

Hi, LTRD -- Thanks for your question and welcome, welcome! :) 

You may want to check out this article 2 Easy Ways to Track Course Completion without an LMS, as well as this older thread that shares ideas on a similar topic. Please let us know if that is what you had in mind, and if not, we'll see what more we can do to assist.  

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