Feedback layer trigger may not work in HTML5 output


I've been tracking down some intermittent problems, and found that you can not rely on a trigger on a feedback layer that is set to "When timeline starts". You would think that this would always work, but I don't believe it does on an iPad.

The issue is timing and processing speed. Evidently, the user can dismiss the feedback layer before the trigger for timeline start fires. This is especially true on the iPad, which is fairly slow. The attached file demonstrates the problem.

The solution is to set the trigger to fire when the user clicks the Continue button on the feedback. (And also make sure there is no other way out, like pressing Enter or closing the feedback at the end of the timeline.) That seems to be more reliable.

I like Storyline, but you have to be careful about some of these catches. (One other one - you can't process triggers on a fill-in-the-blank question if the user presses the Enter key - the interaction will submit before any trigger set to fire when user presses Enter.)

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