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I have been working with the Feedback Master in the attached project for a few hours now and what is on the Feedback Master is not what is in the preview! Another issue, is when the question is correct, the feedback may say correct but the icon is a red X. The Feedback Master is correct, like red X with incorrect, green check with correct. Why is it not transferring over to the actual project correctly?? I need some help! 

I am also having some trouble with the Results Slide. It looks fine, but when I preview it all the text disappears! Can you help!?

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Crystal Horn

Hi Danielle!  Michael noticed that you have two feedback masters with layouts.  You're right - you can have as many masters as you'd like.  I assume you'd like to have the same layouts for all of your questions, however.

Click on one of your Correct or Incorrect layers on a question slide, go to the Home tab, and click on Apply Layout.  You'll see which layout that layer is using.  Slide 1.2 was using the "Serenity 03" layout for the Incorrect layer, and the "Modern" layout for the Correct layer.

The Modern master set you created only includes a Try Again and a Thank You layout, so that's why you were seeing an X when you wanted to see a green checkmark for the Correct layer.  I chose the Correct layout in the Serenity 03 set to make it look like the Incorrect layer on the slide.

Go through each of your question slides, click on your layers, and use the Apply Layout tool to make sure you're using the master that you want.

The Results slide Success and Failure layers weren't showing the base layer text for me either.  I dug in a little, and here's what I found:

  • The font on those layers (e.g. "Congratulations, you passed") was defaulting to white.  So I changed that to black.  But the mystery remained....where was the score text from the base layer?
  • The Results slide was using the Trinidad slide master set.  This included a dark blue background, and a solid white rectangle to contrast the text.  The solid white rectangle was repopulating in the Success and Failure layers, thereby blocking the base layer text.

    I think what you were going for was a dark blue outline around your slide components.  You can do this by changing the background back to white, and then adding a dark blue rectangle.  Format the rectangle to have no fill, and to have an outline with your dark blue color.  Then, adjust the weight (thickness) of the outline to make the border as heavy as you'd like.  Voila!  Your base layer text is now visible, no longer obscured by the solid white rectangle.

    The compromise = You might need to reformat your question slides so that they don't have the teal colored background, now that the white rectangle is gone.

That was lengthy, but let me know if you need clarification on what I've done!  I'm attaching your file with some of the modifications, with room for you to try them on your own for the rest of the slides.