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Jun 06, 2018

So, here's the issue:  I create my custom Feedback layout.  The background is perfect, the font is perfect, all is well.  But, when I select the layout on the slide, the background color changes.  How do I fix this issue, please?



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Margaret Morse

I'm having the same problem. The feedback master seems to work off a color palette that's different from the main one. Sometime questions have been imported from a different file, and the color substitutions are erratic, and sometimes awful, at best, I can't seem to change the color even when I create a new master and color it. Here are two images. I created the new master, because the older one wasn't working. When changing the colors of an existing master has worked, it often gives me the button in the old color, and I have to change them question by question.

Thanks for any advice.


Tom Kuhlmann

Without seeing your file, it's hard to be completely accurate. On the surface, I suspect you have multiple masters and the layout is coming from a different master file. The colors are one clue as well as the other design elements.

Can you take a screen shot of the layout options you have for your feedback layers? Select a layer and then go up to the top toolbar and select layouts. That should show all of the layout options for the layers.

Margaret Morse


You're right, I've got a bunch of masters. Here's a screenshot of some of them (I should clean out the extras). However, even starting from scratch with a quiz slide, it's still showing the blue feedback master and giving me a pink one with a yellow button when I select it. Have to say, the feedback masters have always seemed a little out of step--different palette than the main, which makes color matching difficult.



Margaret Morse


Yes, here's the file. Probably some of the problem is that I've taken slides from other projects with other templates and pasted them in. However, I also just created a new file from my template for this project and pasted in question files from an old one, and although I've changed the background and button for the feedback in the master successfully, instead of giving me blue buttons in the question slide when I select the master, they're red. This really has always been a problem, though I've just recolored things by hand, rather than trying to find a better fix. The problem really seems to me to be that the Feedback Master in particular is its own thing and not well connected to the main part of SL.

Thanks for any help with this.


Alyssa Gomez

Thanks for sending over your file, Margaret! Generally when I see a color difference between the Feedback Master and the Feedback Layer, that tells me there's something going on with the color theme in the project.

After taking a closer look, I did see you were using two different color themes in this project. Have a look at this Peek video to see how I fixed it!

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