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Jan 27, 2013

I have a layout in the feedback master that is allowing some changes and not others. For example if I change the font color in the "try again" or "incorrect" layers it will reflect on the slide when those layers should appear. However, it won't let me change the font size. I can change the font size in the feedback master for the correct feedback layer, but when displayed on the slide the font size has not changed at all.

Any idea why it is allowing certain font characteristics changes and not others?



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Christine Hendrickson

Hi Whitney,

Does it not change at all? Or does it seem to change, then revert back to the original size when you click outside of the text area? If it's changing after clicking out of the area, you may want to check your zoom settings. Make sure you're not working above or below 100% zoom and see if that makes a difference. Also, you may want to try a different font and see if that fixes the issue. If not, we'd be happy to take a closer look at what's happening.


Whitney Lowe

Hi Christine:

It does not change size at all, although I can change color of the font and that will show up. I do see it change size when I click outside the text area, but the change is very small and it is not changing to what I have selected in the feedback master layer. 

It does not appear to be affected by the zoom amount and I see the same thing happening when I preview the project.

I tried a different font and that still did not make a difference. I sent a copy of the project in to the support staff, so I look forward to hearing what you may find out. 

Thanks again!


Christine Hendrickson

Good morning Whitney!

I took a look at the case this morning, to check for any updates. Did you receive our last email response? The last message was send on the 28th, so I just want to make sure you've seen it. If not, please try checking your spam folders or filters. You may need to add to your safe senders list, if you haven't already. 

If the issue still exists, please respond to that last email. If it's working properly for you now, just let me know and I'll make note of it on the case.

Thanks Whitney!


Whitney Lowe

HI Christine:

I did get a note back after you sent this so thanks for re-sending. In the mean time I found a workaround for this issue by just copying everything but the problem slides to a new Story file and starting the quiz questions over again. This time they formatting of the feedback worked fine, so I am thinking that somehow I made some changes to the feedback master that I couldn't see and that is what was interfering with them working properly. 

I think we can consider this issue addressed now. 

Thanks again,


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