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Sorry if this has been mentioned before but I couldn't see anything. 

In one of my storyline 360 files a couple of slides have a pretty serious error in them. I made a quiz with 12 questions in - of these 12, on 2 of them the feedback master was not showing, only the text box. This meant that the text could not be read (as the coloured box it was meant to be on was not there) and the user could not move on to the next slide.

I checked and the same feedback master was selected as on the slides where it was working so the issue can't have been with the feedback master itself just with how these 2 slides were calling on it. I tried changing the feedback master but this didn't work. 

I've fixed the error now by making new slides but I'm worried that this will happen again and I won't notice.

I've attached a .story file with the questions with the error and one that works beforehand so you can see what is meant to happen.



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Brian Cajutol

Hi Rachel,

I was able to check out your file and I was able to reproduce the issue you reported.

I tried changing the layout in the Feedback Master to use the other ones aside the E-Learning (bigger) layout, but got the same thing.

The weird part is the Feedback content in the Correct and Incorrect Layers are acting as if they are plain text boxes.

One work-around I was able to get working is to copy the Correct and Incorrect Layers from the first slide (working slide) and paste them on the 2nd and 3rd slide.

Since this may be a potential defect, please reach out to Articulate's Support Engineers through this link.