Feedback Master not working

Nov 09, 2020

I'm having trouble with questions not using the feedback in the attached file (there is only one feedback master).  If I insert a question, the correct feedback is not using the green title text, does not left-align text, does use the green Continue button, and the button trigger does not come through.  The incorrect feedback and button are red, but the text is not left-aligned and the Continue button's trigger does not carry through.

Instead, I get a blue Continue button and nebulous feedback appears.

I appreciate any help the wonderful community can provide!

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Lauren Connelly

Hi Lucy!

Thank you for sharing your project! I don't see any slides in your project, and when I try adding a slide, it doesn't appear. Are you running into this as well? If not, can you share an updated version of your project that includes the question slides you're referring to?

Lastly, which version on Storyline you're using? 

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