Feedback Master not working properly

Apr 20, 2017


I have created a Feedback master slide, but every time I apply the  layout to a feedback slide, I get different properties...For example: the button on the Feedback Master has just one state, and when I apply the layout the button has a lot of states and in different colors..

Can someone have a look at the storyfile?


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Wendy Farmer

Its the Continue button Pamela - you are using the default button and making changes to that and it appears SL doesn't like it.

See update to your file...I have created a new master and moved all the default content offstage and created a button with normal and selected states and it appears to be working how you want.


Leslie McKerchie

Hello Pamela - Looks like Wendy shared a .story file above. If you're having difficulty with this file, can you try in a different browser perhaps to see if you can open it?

Do you have an updated file or slide to share for your last question? I'm seeing the behavior you have set via states on the submit button in the file shared here.

Wendy Farmer

Hi Leslie

just a comment re 'zip' files - since the last Articulate 360 update - any .story files I download using Chrome are downloading as zips I've had to right click  the file from the post and do a save link as to bring it down as .story file. Looks like the same happening to uploaded files. Is this a Chrome thing?

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Thanks Wendy - we're seeing the .story files in ELH download as zipped folders from Chrome and IE11, but it was working in Firefox and Safari. I don't think we'd isolated it to 360 files yet, but that's a good idea as our web team digs a bit deeper! 

In the meantime, using the other browsers or using the "save as" option prior to downloading has worked in our team to get the .story file vs. the .zip.

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