Feedback Master question

I've observed that the position of the "Continue" button on the feedback master is mirrored on the "correct" and "incorrect" feedback masters... until the button is accidentally or intentionally moved on the correct/incorrect.  This seems to decouple the Continue button from following the master, e.g., positioning the Continue button on the Master will no longer position the Continue button on the master slides where the Continue has been re-positioned manually.

Is there any way to reset this so the sub-master will follow the master?

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Emily Ruby

Hi Sam,

When you set up the Main Master slide, all the sub masters will follow. However, when you make changes to each sub master, you are correct, they will no longer follow the Main one. This is so you can make each sub master different if needed. There is not a way to reset this one changes have been made to the sub masters. It does sound like a good idea, so you may want to submit a feature request for a "reset" button within the Master view.